What is Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive health care means taking measures to identify and minimize the risk involved in different illness.

How to prevent illness?

  • Screening: A process to diagnose illness in those who have not had any symptoms of the Diseases.
  • Screening helps in detecting the diseases at an initial or curable stage, thereby preventing Complication and Co-morbidities.
  • Effectively this is much cheaper than treating a fully blown disease.

  • Why is screening so crucial?

  • 1. Today, the life style of the person does not permit him /her to take care of his/her health.
  • 2. Periodic health checkups becomes necessary to avoid and detect the risk of the possible Chronic diseases.
  • 3. The "Silent Killer" diseases such as diabetes , obesity , hypertension, stress, cardiac diseases etc. does not show early symptom.
  • 4. Regular screening is the only option for early diagnoses of such diseases.
  • 5. These diseases, most of the time are and could be "fatal". Hence early detection is the best way to manage your health to lead a healthy and normal life.
  • Important facts about Silent Killer Diseases

    • 1

      Silent killing disease is the one that lives with the person for sometime not knowing he/she has it until the disease has hurt enough to kill.
    • 2

      Silent killers include Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetese, HepatitisB or C, Cancer.
    • 3

      Heart disease is the no.1 silent killing disease due to main factors like Hypertension, Smoking, Sedentary lifestyle, & raised Cholesterol.
    • 4

      Next big silent killer disease is Cancer. Nearly 6.2 million in a year die because of this Cancer. It out numbers the death due to Aids, Tuberculosis & Malaria.
    • 5

      Mesothelioma is a type of Lung Cancer. This usually involves prolonged exposure to asbestos.
    • 6

      Smoking is the major factors that leads to silent killing diseases like Cancer & Heart disease - it causes 87% of Lung Cancers.
    • 7

      Current statistics reveals that nearly 246 million people are with Diabetes in the world- estimated that 3.2 million people will die in a year because of Diabetes & its related causes.
    • 8

      Obstructive sleep apnea- In this condition there will be no symptoms & the individual will be normal in doing his daily routine, but during the sleep his airways get blocked which results in death.
    • 9

      Silent epidemic is the major threat to healthy world- include Hepatitis B & C viruses, can cause cirrhosis, Liver Cancer. Almost 530 million people in the world are infected by these viruses. There is no vaccine for chronic hepatiis C infection.

    Facts and Figures

    • Do You Know?

      India is the Diabetes Capital of the World. Every fifth diabetic in the world would be an Indian. This is the important cause of Heart Diseases, Stroke and Cataract.
    • Do You Know?

      Hypertension is World’s leading killer disease, directly responsible for 57% of all Stroke deaths and 24% of all coronary heart diseases in India.
    • Do You Know?

      The major cause of increase in the incidence of diabetes is a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and diet can either reduce or delay the incidence of diabetes by over 50%.
    • Do You Know?

      7.1 million people deaths are related to high blood pressure.
    • Do You Know?

      4.4 million succumb to high levels of cholesterol and Around1 million people die from diabetes.

    • Do You Know?

      2.6 million deaths occur due to Obesity and its related problems like developing diabetes or high blood pressure.